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Thailand International Fellowship

As part of a Thailand International Fellowship scholarship (provided by DFAT and the University of Sydney), I spent six weeks interning in Bangkok at the Australian Embassy and Thailand’s largest English-speaking newspaper, Bangkok Post.

Press release for Australian Embassy

News articles published for Bangkok Post:

For more information about my journey in Thailand, read my official travel journal.

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Racism on Public Transport: The ‘Real’ Australia?

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 5.45.59 PM

Ada Lee

A woman will face court after she launched a racist tirade against an Asian schoolboy on a Sydney bus.

Inside the bus

Video footage, recorded by an onlooker, went viral across mainstream and social media earlier this month. The video shows a 55-year-old woman telling an Asian schoolboy to get a passport and educate himself after he refused to sit down. “Go back on your f—ing boat and f— off, ” she said. “There’s a lot of Aussie passengers on this bus and I’m telling you, they’re totally not going to agree with you…and I’m one of them… Come to this country, you [think you] can do whatever you want. Well you know what? You can’t!”

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